Open Data in Neuroscience

Creating mechanisms to leverage vast quantities of data generated by neuroscientists and to fuel novel discoveries through open data.

Neurodata Without Borders

Neurodata Without Borders is a language for neurophysiology data and experiments that is at the heart of a data science ecosystem. It serves the global neuroscience community by providing scientists with a common standard to share, archive and use data, accelerating the pace of discovery of brain research worldwide. The Kavli Foundation initiated Neurodata Without Borders in 2014 and continues to provide support for this consortium of researchers and foundations who have a shared interest in open data and breaking down the obstacles to data sharing.
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International Data Governance

As neuroscience continues to produce multifunctional, multidimensional, and multijurisdictional big data, how that data is shared, accessed, and safeguarded globally becomes a high priority, and responsible data governance a necessity. The Kavli Foundation is supports the development of an International Data Governance Framework that conforms to national laws and regulations for neuroscience data sharing, making it easier for researchers to collaborate.
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