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Early Galaxies Shed Light on the Rise of Monster Black Holes and Their Galactic Hosts

Astrophysics Profile

Kavli astrophysics institute researchers have leveraged the might of JWST to see the previously unobservable dim galaxies that host bright quasars

Jul 10, 2023

Using an electron microscope developed at the Kavli Institute at Cornell for Nanoscale Science, Yao Yang is helping elucidate copper catalysis at the Kavli Energy NanoScience Institute at UC Berkeley.

May 23, 2023

Thanks to an innovatively sensitive instrument, Kiyoshi Masui and colleagues at the Kavli Institute for Astrophysics and Space Research are expanding our knowledge of the cosmos writ large

May 17, 2023

Part 2 of our Signs of Life series examines how gases overwhelmingly produced by microorganisms that contain toxic metals might prove to be a powerful means of searching for extraterrestrial life

Apr 27, 2023