University of California, Santa BarbaraLarry Coldren

Fred Kavli Chair in Optoelectronics and Sensors

Larry A. Coldren is Fred Kavli Professor of Optoelectronics and Sensors at the University of California, Santa Barbara where he holds a faculty appointment in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering and is Director of the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency's Optoelectronics Technology Center. Prior to coming to UCSB in 1984, Professor Coldren worked on guided surface-acoustic-wave devices, micro-fabrication techniques, and tunable diode lasers at AT&T Bell Laboratories. His research currently focuses on components and fabrication techniques for III-V optoelectronic integrated circuits, including vertical-cavity lasers and widely tunable lasers for applications to optical switching and noiseless amplification.

Professor Coldren received his PhD from Stanford University. He has been a Fellow of IEEE since 1982 and a Fellow of OSA since 1990.