Kavli ScholarKateryna Vovk

Vovk is a Ukrainian astrophysicist, currently living in Japan. Shortly after the war in Ukraine broke out, Vovk’s grant funding was canceled, and she became detached from community and research. She sought opportunities to continue her study of active galactic nuclei. Jia Liu, a professor at the Kavli Institute for the Physics and Mathematics of the Universe, encouraged Vovk to apply for the Kavli Scholars program. She is sponsored by University of Tokyo professors John Silverman and Jia Liu.

“My environment changed suddenly, and I was detached completely from the science community I had been working with, unable to continue my research on host galaxies and black holes,” shared Vovk. “Dr. Jia Liu of Kavli IPMU at University of Tokyo learned of my situation and invited me to work with her and her colleagues, with support from The Kavli Foundation. This made me feel whole again.”

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