Hiromi Yokoyama

Deputy Director, Kavli Institute for the Physics and Mathematics of the Universe

Hiromi Yokoyama is a professor at the University of Tokyo. She is an expert in Science and Technology Studies (STS). Based on the analysis of crowdfunding to support science, she proposed a "Budgeted Community" in addition to a "Journal Community" in the boundary Work, which has been discussed for a long time in the STS (Ikkatai et al. al., 2018) and used this to point out the hype problem in Big Science (in press). She also proposed a multi and coherent scientific advice "Group Voice" (Yokoyama, 2019) that goes beyond the one-voice/unique voice problem during crises. Furthermore, she revealed the influence of "social climate" on the problem of few women in mathematics and physics (Ikkatai et al., 2021). Her current research focuses on the ethics of AI and genome editing (ELSI).

She studied particle experimental physics until her doctorate using the Super-Kamiokande. Her interdisciplinary research using this background has produced results that are useful to modern society. She is also the Director of the Public Relations Office of the University of Tokyo (2021-), Executive Director of the Japan Society for the Social Studies of Science and Technology (2019-), Executive Director of the International Physics Olympic Association 2023 (2021-) and so on.