Research and Higher Education for the Next 75 Years

Kavli Foundation President Cynthia Friend delivers opening remarks at the Endless Frontier Symposium 2022: Research and Higher Education Institutions for the Next 75 Years.

The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine, in collaboration with Issues in Science and Technology, hosted a symposium on September 22, 2022 focused on research and higher education institutions and the transformation needed in these areas to better address complex, global challenges. Issues in Science and Technology published dozens of innovative proposals on how to structure the resources of science to enable the best possible future, which fed into the symposium topics and continues to generate contributions from global leaders to early-career researchers, policymakers, businesspeople and more.

The 2022 symposium was a continuation of the February 2020 gathering that also brought together experts and leaders from various sectors to envision the next 75 years of science – a nod to the 75th anniversary of the transformative report, Science: The Endless Frontier, developed by Vannevar Bush in 1945. With continued support from The Kavli Foundation and the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, the 2022 symposium was held both online and in person in Washington, D.C., with speakers discussing how quickly and dramatically the science and technology enterprise is changing. This meeting sought to generate tools, strategies, and actionable steps that people and institutions can implement to ensure that science and technology continue to serve the public good. Topics included broad trends that are demanding changes in the science and technology enterprise, including the rise of international competition, the continued need for interdisciplinary collaboration, and the growing role of philanthropy in supporting research. Others focused on the translational gaps between discovery and innovation, the technical and professional workforce, and the optimization of the science and technology enterprise to benefit society.

Details of the symposium, including agenda, speakers, webcast and a summary of discussion can be found on the NAS website.

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