Recipients of the 2012 Kavli Prize/World Federation of Science Journalists Awards Announced

(Originally published by the World Federation of Science Journalists)

(Vancouver – 18 February 2012) – Vesa Niinikangas, President of the World Federation of Science Journalists (WFSJ) announced today the recipients of eight journalist travel awards to attend the 2012 Kavli Prize Week in Oslo, Norway, 3rd to 6th September.

A global competition, the recipients were selected by a committee of WFSJ Board members, who chose journalists from eight different countries. The recipients are:

  • Ms. Baraka Bashir (Freedom Radio) from Kano (Nigeria),
  • Mr. Bernardo Esteves (Nature Medecine) from Rio de Janeiro (Brazil),
  • Ms. Brooke Borel (Popular Science Magazine), New York (United States),
  • Ms. Chao Xu, chief editor, Discovery Channel, Beijing (China)
  • Ms. Marie-Pier Elie (Télé-Québec and Québec Science magazine), Montréal (Canada),
  • Ms. Radha Chitale, Medical Tribune Magazine (Singapore),
  • Mr. Roël van der Heijden (website from Nijmegen (The Netherlands),
  • Mr. Toni Pou, author and freelancer from Barcelona (Spain).

The Kavli Prize Week features special programs that celebrate extraordinary achievements in science, educate the public on important scientific advances, and bring together distinguished members of the international community to discuss key global issues in science and science policy. Public events include the Kavli Prize Ceremony, Kavli Prize Laureate Lectures, The Popular Lecture, Kavli Prize Symposia and Kavli Prize Science Forum.

Along with being invited to attend all public activities, as with other media, the eight journalists will receive special access to closed events, including the Kavli Prize banquet. A program of activities is also being develop that will include interviewing opportunities with a selection of noted scientists attending the Prize Week.

Among reporting highlights will be the 2012 Kavli Prize Science Forum, which will bring together science policy leaders from the US, Europe and Asia to discuss “Science and Global Health: The Role of Basic Science.” Participants in the 2012 Kavli Prize Science Forum to date include:

  • Rita Colwell, President, US National Academy of Sciences
  • Alice Dautry, Under Secretary of Science, US Department of Energy
  • Harvey Fineberg, President, Science Council of Japan
  • Kiyoshi Kurokawa, President, Chinese Academy of Sciences

The 2012 Kavli Prize Forum will be moderated by Pallab Ghosh, science correspondent for BBC news.

Additional participants will be announced as confirmed.

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