2023 AAAS Kavli Science Journalism Awards Announced

by The Kavli Foundation

Peers select winners from around the globe

The Author

The 2023 AAAS Kavli Science Journalism Awards set another record with the more than half of the entries from outside the United States. The program, endowed by The Kavli Foundation and open to journalists worldwide, drew entries from a record 74 countries this year. Among the winners were entrants from Australia, Austria, Brazil, India, Nigeria, and the United Kingdom.

Gold winners noted below. See the AAAS website for the full list of winners. Awardees will be celebrated at the annual AAAS meeting in Denver, Colorado February 16, 2024.

Science Reporting – Large Outlet
Gold Award

Lauren Sommer, Ryan Kellman, Rebecca Hersher, Connie Hanzhang Jin and Daniel Wood
“Beyond the Poles: The far-reaching dangers of melting ice” (series)
“Why Texans need to know how fast Antarctica is melting”
“The surprising connection between Arctic ice and western wildfires”
“The unexpected link between imperiled whales and Greenland's melting ice”

Science Reporting – Small Outlet
Gold Award

Christine Peterson
“Euthanize or release? The quandaries of handling captive animals”
October 8, 2022
“Wolf killing and the consequences of disturbing pack dynamics”
April 6, 2023
“Study: Deer’s lifelong fate is affected by mother’s health at birth”

Science Reporting – In-Depth (More than 5,000 words)
Gold Award

Ashley Smart
“A Field at a Crossroads: Genetics and Racial Mythmaking”

Gold Award

Lauren Fuge
Cosmos (Australia)
“Point of view”

Spot News/Feature Reporting (20 minutes or less)
Gold Award

Emily Driscoll and Jeffery DelViscio
Scientific American
“Quest to Save the Parasites”

Video In-Depth Reporting (more than 20 minutes)
Gold Award

Ruth Berry and Christian Stoppacher
A NOVA/GBH production by Terra Mater Studios (Austria) for PBS
“Star Chasers of Senegal”

Gold Award

Adam Rutherford and Ilan Goodman
BBC Radio 4/BBC World Service/BBC Sounds Podcast
“Bad Blood: The Story of Eugenics” (series)
“You Will Not Replace Us”
Nov. 28, 2022
“The Curse of Mendel
Dec. 19, 2022
Dec. 27, 2022

Children’s Science News
Gold Award

Laura Allen
Science News Explores
“For a better brick, just add poop”
January 23, 2023