Theoretical Physics News


Lessons From Stellar Explosions

Theoretical physicist Lars Bildsten explores supernovae extremes 


Seeing Back to the Beginning

A future satellite will measure polarization within cosmic microwave background radiation


First-Ever Glimpse of a Skew in Ghostly Neutrinos Could Be Why We Exist

New results from the T2K Collaboration offers insight into how matter came to dominate antimatter, affording us a universe to live in


The Universe's Darkest Secrets

Kavli IPMU probes the universe for signs of dark matter and dark energy


Quest to Reveal the Fundamental Laws of Nature

Theoretical physicist Hirosi Ooguri is working to unify general relativity with quantum mechanics


Luminous Blue Variable Star

New, three-dimensional simulations reveal the inner workings of one of the universe’s most mysterious stars.​


Rogue Neutrino Likely Came From Supermassive Black Hole, Scientists Say

UChicago scientists in VERITAS collaboration help confirm source of unusual neutrino.


Could Gravitational Waves Reveal How Fast Our Universe is Expanding?

Signals from rare black hole-neutron star pairs could pinpoint rate at which universe is growing, researchers say.


Delft Scientists Make First ‘On Demand’ Entanglement Link

Researchers have succeeded in generating quantum entanglement between two quantum chips faster than the entanglement is lost.​


Scientists Explore Quantum Properties in the Two-Dimensional Limit

TU Delft investigated thin slices of SrIrO3, a material that belongs to the family of complex oxides.​