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Astrophysics Spotlights

Cero Tololo Inter-American Observatory
Oct 26, 2017

The prevailing view of the universe has just passed a rigorous new test, but the mysteries of dark matter and dark energy remain frustratingly unsolved. Three astrophysicists—Scott Dodelson, Risa Wechsler and George Efstathiou—discuss the implications. 

Astrophysicist Amy Bender at the South Pole Telescope
Aug 25, 2017

From oxygen-thin mountain tops to barren deserts to the South Pole, many of the world’s most powerful telescopes are in distant, inhospitable environments. Three researchers—Amy Bender, Naoyuki Tamura and John Richer—share their adventures pursuing science at the farthest corners of the world. 

Globular cluster
May 29, 2017

Much to their surprise, scientists are finding dozens of black holes deep within densely packed collections of stars called globular clusters. We spoke to three astrophysicists—Rainer Spurzem, Carl Rodriguez and Jay Strayder—who are using a record-breaking computer simulation, and other methods, to learn the clusters’ secrets, including whether they gave rise to recently observed ripples in space-time. 

Mar 07, 2017

The Kavli Foundation spoke with three astrophysicists—Roberto Maiolino, Linhua Jiang and Marta Volonteri—about how a record haul of new, ultra-distant quasars will transform what we know about the early universe.