Kavli Institute for Brain and Mind


Target Groups:
General public, high school teachers, high school and undergraduate students

Resources for Educators:
Lecture series for local community and available online.

The Institute participates in a public educational series aimed at enhancing awareness of recent developments in brain research. Topics include stem cells, brain development, language, perception, addiction and sleep.

Grey Matters
The online Grey Matters video, "Understanding Language," includes a  companion study guide, lesson activities, animations and other  available teacher resources.

Sample Activities:
KIBM Grey Matters Lecture Series: This public lecture series is designed for anyone interested in the brain -- particularly how it develops, how it works and diseases of the brain and nervous system. Presented at the San Diego Natural History Museum, each lecture can be viewed in its entirety in streaming video. Additional resource material for high school students and teachers include shorter video presentations to demonstrate key concepts, background and supplemental reading materials and lesson ideas.