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Each issue of The Kavli Foundation e-newsletter includes feature stories, roundtable discussions about science, and the latest news from our community of Institutes, professors and programs. Below are published newsletters with links to each issue's feature stories and scientific discussions.
Kavli Foundation Newsletter Volume 3 Issue 1
Mar 02, 2010

Using Nanoscale Technologies to Understand and Replicate the Human Brain - Diverging disciplines are now joining to understand how the brain works at its most basic cellular level, and the extraordinary advances this merger seems to promise for fields ranging from computer technology to health.; discussion with Nicholas Spitzer (UCSD/KIBM), Kwabena Boahen (Stanford), Hongkun Park (Harvard)

Colorado Bound: The Pierre Auger Project - Constucting a cosmic ray observatory dedicated to detecting and studying ultra-high energy cosmic rays, the most energetic particles in the universe. (Article)

Smart Moves: Daniel Wolpert, Motor Control and the Brain - How our brains guide our motions in an uncertain world. (Article)


Kavli Foundation Newsletter Volume 2 Issue 3
Oct 13, 2009

Evaluating US Energy Technology - Taking a look at America’s Energy Future (AEF) and coming up with policy solutions to keep us energy efficient. (Article)

John Bowers, Efficiency Expert - How to make our demands on energy less wasteful (Article)

Exploring the Energy Frontier - In an effort to spur the development of new energy-related technology, the federal government has established 46 Energy Frontier Research Centers. (Article)

Morality and the Social Brain - Philosophers and neurobiologists alike, are finding a widening interest in how moral decision-making takes shape within the brain. (Article)

Kavli Foundation Newsletter Volume 2 Issue 2
Sep 29, 2009

Real Problems for Imagined Computers - A meeting of minds between leading computer experts and scientists in disciplines such as cosmology and neuroscience to understand the needs of scientific computing and overcome the barriers of increasing computing power. (Article)

Adding the People Factor - Climate change can alter public health and welfare, so how can the environment, society and sceince interact to address this and similar issues. (Article)

Kavli Royal Society International Centre - Located at Chicheley Hall outside Newport Pagnell, provides scientists the facilities and quarters for fostering the kind of intense thinking and activity that historically has given rise to scientific breakthroughs. (Video)

Kavli Foundation Newsletter Volume 2 Issue 1
May 08, 2009

10-Dimensional Man - Theoretical physics has a beauty particularly appreciated by those highly adept in mathematics. Caltech’s Hirosi Ooguri advances the mathematics of string theory to solve riddles of black holes and basic matter. (Article)

Knowledge Connection - Known as the Kavli Frontiers of Science, the program brings together bright young researchers across many fields so they can present their work. In the process, they exchanges ideas, share experiences, develop friendships and -- when the connection is right -- inspire each other. (Article)