Kavli Newsletter

Each issue of The Kavli Foundation e-newsletter includes feature stories, roundtable discussions about science, and the latest news from our community of Institutes, professors and programs. Below are published newsletters with links to each issue's feature stories and scientific discussions.
May 17, 2012

Nomads of the Galaxy - Planets without a star; discussion with Roger Blandford (Stanford/KIPAC), Dimitar Sasselov (Harvard), Louis Strigari (Stanford/KIPAC)

At the Centre of it All - The Norwegian Brain Center opening; discussion with Edvard Moser (NTNU/KISN), May-Britt Moser (NTNU/KISN)

Fighting Cancer with Nanotechnology - The future of drug delivery; discussion with Anna Barker (Arizona State), Mark Davis (Caltech), James Heath (Caltech/KNI), Michael Phelps (UCLA)

Kavli Foundation Newsletter Volume 5 Issue 1
Feb 28, 2012

Search for the First Stars - Recent research about the first stars and galaxies; discussion with George Becker (Cambridge/KICC), Richard Ellis (Caltech), Avi Loeb (Harvard)

Charging Up the Auto Industry - The future for powering electric cars; discussion with Seth Fletcher (Popular Science), Clare Grey (Cambridge), Jeff Sakamoto (Michigan State)

Recipe for a Robot - Creating sociall robots; discussion with Maja Matarić (USC), Ayse Saygin (UCSD/KIBM), Andrea Thomaz (Georgia Tech)

Profile: Kavli Institute for Cosmological Physics (article)

Kavli Foundation Newsletter Volume 4 Issue 4
Dec 15, 2011

The Brain on Trial - Neuroscience in the courtroom; discussion with Alan Leshner (AAAS), Jay Giedd (NIMH), Martha Farah (UPenn)

Exoplanets - Planets in other solar systems; discussion with Jack Lissauer (NASA), Geoffrey Marcy (UC Berkley), Sara Seager (MIT/MKI)

Disturbing the Nanosphere - A new tool to visualize superconductivity; discussion with Mohammad Hamidia (Cornell/KIC)

Diseases in a Dish - Modeling mental disorders; discussion with Fred Gage (Salk Institute/KIBM), Anirvan Ghosh (UCSD/KIBM)

Kavli Foundation Newsletter Volume 4 Issue 3
Sep 01, 2011

Matter Over Mind - The neuroscience behind decision making; discussion with Daeyeol Lee (Yale/KIN), Daniel Salzman (Columbia/KIBS), Xiao-Jing Wang (Yale)

Beyond Darwin - Ways to evolve new functions; discussion with Michael Brenner (Harvard/KIBS), Stephen Quake (Stanford), Mark Martindale (Hawaii University)

The Hunt for Dark Matter - Investigating a new seasonal signal variation; discussion with Juan Collar (U. Chicago/KICP)

Tracking Binary Black Holes of Merging Galaxies - Researchers are testing new methods of finding these massive bodies. (article)