Kavli News


The team operating the Laser Interferometer Gravity-wave Observatory (LIGO) reported that the pulsar at the center of the Crab Nebula must have an extremely smooth surface.


Fred Kavli and The Kavli Foundation have made a pledge of $7.5 million to KIPAC the for an endowment that will support the institute's s research programs.


The naming of the first Kavli honorees will begin the World Science Summit, a single-day, invitation-only event at Columbia University designed to lead off the World Science Festival.


UC Irvine Kavli Professor Michael Prather will head a new research institute dedicated to the study of how the environment and society interact.


The Museum of Modern Art is featuring a nanoscale picture by Michael Rouke, professor at KNI at Caltech, and his research team.


Astronomers, including MIT's Joshua Winn, reported the first observations of a plant in the middle stages of formation. 


Scientists used to think most of the exchange of information between cells was conducted at the surface.


A half-mile down in an old iron ore mine in Minnesota, incredibly sensitive detectors have been waiting for a particle of dark matter to make itself known.


KNI at Caltech recently celebrated the completion of its new cleanroom facility -- a facility that includes nanotechnology-based platforms allowing scientists to detect a multitude of proteins in the body at one time.


NASA has selected a proposal by an MIT-led team to develop plans for an array of radio telescopes on the far side of the moon that would probe the earliest formation of the basic structures of the universe.