Kavli News


Bowers is a pioneering professor of electrical and computer engineering and director of the campus's Institute for Energy Efficiency.


By creating robust simulations of the early universe, astrophysicists now have the most detailed understanding of how the first stars formed.


Researchers has found a planet around another star whose orbit is steeply tilted from the plane of the star's equator.


Physicists at the California Institute of Technology have developed a nanoscale device that exploits the mechanical properties of light.


Researchers at the University of Chicago have devised a test to detect remnants of the radiation emitted at the earliest moments of the universe.


The U.S. DOE Office of Science has announced that it will fund the creation of 46 Energy Frontier Research Centers over the next five years.


Columbia University will become home to one of 46 new Energy Frontier Research Centers announced this week by the White House.


Fred Kavli is among seven individuals to receive honorary degrees at the university's 151st annual commencement.


Gamma-ray bursts are thought to last mere seconds or a few short minutes. But new data shows at least some of them have much more staying power.


Kavli laureate Maarten Schmidt gave half of his $500,000 prize money to Caltech, establishing an endowed fund for innovative projects in astronomy.