Kavli News


What can scientists hope to learn in the coming decade about the most basic questions about the cosmos and our place in it ?


The surprising findings describe how a single gene can regulate the production of cortical neurons.


Michael Roukes, co-director of the Kavli Nanoscience Institute at the California Institute of Technology, is a recipient of a 2010 NIH Director's Pioneer Award.


A two-year process, involving hundreds of scientists, ranks priorities in U.S. astronomy and astrophysics for the next decade.


Physicist Juan Collar and team are deploying a 4-kilogram bubble chamber at SNOLab, Ontario, Canada to identify dark matter particles.


Discovery adds to our understanding of how the brain generates internal maps.


Biologists have shown that the electrical activity in developing neurons can change the transmitters that neurons make and use to communicate.


Caltech will partner with Lawrence Berkeley Nat. Lab. and other CA institutions to develop a method to produce fuels from sunlight


For the first time, physicists have shown that the Hall effect can be created in magnets without the benefit of a charge current.


Most scientists have viewed electrical fields within the brain as the simple byproducts of neuronal activity. However, Yale scientists report that electrical fields can also influence the activity of brain cells.