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Kavli News


Fred Kavli has been selected by the board of editors of Scientific American magazine for inclusion in the fourth annual Scientific American 50 as Policy Leader of the Year.


Fred Kavli has been awarded the 2005 "Best of Small Tech Awards: Advocate" by Small Times magazine, which covers developments in the micro and nanotechnology industry.


Theodor W. Hänsch, who earlier this month won the Nobel Prize in Physics, will be among the speakers at the Kavli Nanoscience Institute Inaugural Symposium.


Journalists are invited to attend the Inaugural Symposium of the Kavli Institute for Cosmological Physics at the University of Chicago


X-ray cameras designed by MIT astrophysicists are a key component of a new instrument aboard an orbiting Japanese observatory,


U.S. advantages in the marketplace and in science and technology have Gathering Stormeroded, says a panel of the National Academy of Sciences in a new report.


An international team of astronomers led by MIT announced Oct. 5 that it has solved the mystery of the origin of short gamma-ray bursts.


The article, published in July 2005, focused on the funding activities of The Kavli Foundation.


An online Q&A, by Candace Stuart. Small Times covers the nanotechnology industry.


The article, published on May 12, 2005, focused on the future awarding of the Kavli Prizes.