Kavli Meetings

Participants of the 1<sup>st</sup> Kavli Futures Symposium: "The Merging of Bio and Nano: toward Cyborg Cells," June 2007.Participants of the 1st Kavli Futures Symposium: "The Merging of Bio and Nano: toward Cyborg Cells," June 2007.

The Kavli scientific meetings program facilitates open dialogue and exchange of ideas between fellow scientists. These programs provide environments where scientists can meet, communicate with one another, exchange ideas, and focus on major issues in their fields. Major scientific initiatives have emerged from such meetings, and collaborations among attendees are a frequent outcome. Open only to invited participants, meetings frequently focus on developing new collaborative opportunities in science, such as advancing opportunities for cross-disciplinary research. Meetings may also be jointly facilitated with science societies, national academies and other foundations, as well with other Kavli programs, such as the Kavli Royal Society Centre in the United Kingdom.

Among the key meetings supported by the Foundation are the Kavli Futures Symposia – a series of high quality scientific symposia on topics of emerging importance in the fields of astrophysics, theoretical physics, nanoscience, and neuroscience. These unique conferences focus on the trends, challenges, and opportunities for future research. Varying in size and format, each symposium emphasizes a forward-looking perspective, typically providing a forum for discussion of the key issues facing future developments and directions in specific fields, and thereby help to define and guide the development of research in these fields.

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