Kavli Banquet: Speech by Louis E. Brus

On the evening of September 9, the Norwegian government held a banquet at Oslo's City Hall celebrating the Kavli Prize and honoring the inaugural laureates. Speaking on behalf of fellow laureate Sumio Iijima and himself, Louis E. Brus provided these remarks.


Your Royal Highness, Excellencies, ladies and gentlemen.

Sumio Iijima and I would like to express our deep appreciation to His Royal Highness, to the Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters, and to The Kavli Foundation, for the honor of awarding us the first Kavli Prizes in Nanoscience. Sumio and I represent the international scientific community working on nanoscale phenomena between the traditional boundaries of physics and chemistry. Many researchers from every part of the world have made important contributions to nanoscience. Our research honored today is the fruit of collaboration with excellent colleagues and students. We have learned from the insights of all the pioneering scientists who came before us. "If we have seen further than others, it is because we stood on the shoulders of giants," if you will allow us to quote Newton.

The Kavli Prizes are a celebration of humankind's collective ability to understand the natural world, and to create technology that improves the lives of all people. We thank Fred Kavli for his devotion to basic research in physical science, as an ultimate source of mankind's progress. By his personal example, Fred Kavli shows us how one man can really make a difference in this world. None of us can predict the scientific discoveries of the coming decades. We share a deep faith in humankind's ability to use these discoveries for the common good. As Fred Kavli said when a reporter asked him why he created the Foundation, "The future will be more spectacular than we can ever imagine."