Astrophysics News


For the Record: Remarks of Fred Kavli at Building Dedication for Kavli Institute for Particle Astrophysics and Cosmology, SLAC/Stanford University

Fred Kavli's remarks at the building dedication ceremony for the Kavli Institute for Particle Astrophysics and Cosmology.


Kavli Foundation to Sponsor Frontiers of Science
The Kavli Foundation and the National Academy of Sciences (NAS) have joined forces through a $5 million gift from the Foundation to support the NAS's Frontiers of Science symposia.


MIT Kavli Scientist Leads Work on X-ray Imaging Spectrometer

X-ray cameras designed by MIT astrophysicists are a key component of a new instrument aboard an orbiting Japanese observatory,


Kavli Scientist Leads Effort to Solve Mystery of Short Gamma Ray Bursts

An international team of astronomers led by MIT announced Oct. 5 that it has solved the mystery of the origin of short gamma-ray bursts.


MIT's Wilczek Wins 2004 Nobel Prize in Physics

Professor Frank Wilczek, MIT's Herman Feshbach Professor of Physics, has won the 2004 Nobel Prize in physics for a "colorful" discovery in the world of quarks.


Kavli Gift Brightens Study of Dark Energy

MIT research on the most exciting questions in astrophysics and space science has been recognized by a $7.5 million gift from the Kavli Foundation that will jumpstart new studies of the cosmos.