Astrophysics News


Luminous Blue Variable Star

New, three-dimensional simulations reveal the inner workings of one of the universe’s most mysterious stars.​


Cosmological Constraints from the First-Year Subaru Hyper Suprime-Cam Survey

The team has made and analyzed the deepest wide-field map of the 3D distribution of matter in the Universe.​


Software Finds the Best Way to Stick a Mars Landing

Program users can tinker with landing and path planning scenarios to identify optimal landing sites for Mars rovers.​


Gravitational Waves Provide Dose of Reality About Extra Dimensions

No evidence for extra spatial dimensions, UChicago scientists say.​


NASA’s TESS Shares First Science Image in Hunt to Find New Worlds

This “first light” science image captures a wealth of stars and other objects, including systems previously known to have exoplanets.​


Next-gen Camera for South Pole Telescope Takes Data on Early Universe

UChicago-led collaboration installed sensitive new instrument in Antarctica .


Sprawling Galaxy Cluster Found Hiding in Plain Sight

Bright light from black hole in a feeding frenzy had been obscuring surrounding galaxies.


Risa Wechsler Named Director of KIPAC

She’ll direct the future of astrophysics research at SLAC and Stanford for the next five years.


X-ray Data May Be First Evidence of a Star Devouring a Planet

New data may explain star’s mysterious dimming.


Rogue Neutrino Likely Came From Supermassive Black Hole, Scientists Say

UChicago scientists in VERITAS collaboration help confirm source of unusual neutrino.