Astrophysics News


NASA’s TESS Shares First Science Image in Hunt to Find New Worlds

This “first light” science image captures a wealth of stars and other objects, including systems previously known to have exoplanets.​


Next-gen Camera for South Pole Telescope Takes Data on Early Universe

UChicago-led collaboration installed sensitive new instrument in Antarctica .


Sprawling Galaxy Cluster Found Hiding in Plain Sight

Bright light from black hole in a feeding frenzy had been obscuring surrounding galaxies.


Risa Wechsler Named Director of KIPAC

She’ll direct the future of astrophysics research at SLAC and Stanford for the next five years.


X-ray Data May Be First Evidence of a Star Devouring a Planet

New data may explain star’s mysterious dimming.


Rogue Neutrino Likely Came From Supermassive Black Hole, Scientists Say

UChicago scientists in VERITAS collaboration help confirm source of unusual neutrino.


Could Gravitational Waves Reveal How Fast Our Universe is Expanding?

Signals from rare black hole-neutron star pairs could pinpoint rate at which universe is growing, researchers say.


AGU & AAS Awarded Joint Grant from The Kavli Foundation to Foster Understanding of Exoplanets

Cooperative effort will boost exoplanet science by integrating the work of the AGU’s and AAS’s scientific communities.


Stanford-led International Collaboration Discovered an Elusive Neutron Star

Two of the most powerful telescopes in the world worked together to find the faintest millisecond pulsar ever discovered. ​The collaboration between the Fermi Large Area Telescope and China’s FAST radio telescope was spearheaded by Stanford physicist Peter Michelson.​


TESS Takes Initial Test Image

Exoplanet-seeking satellite developed by MIT swings by moon toward final orbit.​