Astrophysics News


The Latest from LIGO

As Earth's premier hunter of gravitational waves, LIGO is making a killing​.


At the Edge of Knowledge: Astrophysics Highlights

A batch of new findings remind us that despite how much we seem to know, there is much we don't.


How fast is the universe expanding?

Scientists aren't sure, and all of cosmic history depends on it


Sizing Up the Universe Around Us: Astrophysics Highlights

Astrophysically speaking, Star Wars' Yoda was wrong when he said "size matters not"


Dark Matter is Back

A new study says dark matter shouldn't be written off in accounting for a weird glow in our Milky Way


Subaru Telescope captures 1,800 exploding stars

A team of researchers from Japan identify 1800 new supernovae, including 58 Type Ia supernovae 8 billion light years away.


Explosions of Universe’s First Stars Spewed Powerful Jets

Instead of ballooning into spheres, as once thought, early supernovae ejected jets that may have seeded new stars.


Scientists Measure Half-Life of Element that’s Longer than the Age of the Universe

Beneath Italian mountains, UChicago scientists help catch rare decay of xenon-124


Variations in the ‘Fogginess’ of the Universe Identify a Milestone in Cosmic History

Islands of cold gas were left behind when the universe heated up after the big bang


TESS Discovers Its First Earth-Sized Planet

Orbiting a nearby star, the new planet is the smallest identified so far by the TESS mission.