Astrophysics News


LIGO and Virgo Resume Search for Ripples in Space and Time

Upgrades to the detectors' lasers, mirrors, and other components will increase their sensitivity of about 40 percent over its last run.​


Dark Matter May be Hitting the Right Note in Small Galaxies

Dark matter may scatter against each other only when they hit the right energy, say researchers in Japan, Germany, and Austria in a new study.


Astronomers Observe Evolution of a Black Hole as it Wolfs Down Stellar Material

Halo of highly energized electrons around the black hole contracts dramatically during feeding frenzy.


X-ray Pulse Detected Near Event Horizon as Black Hole Devours Star

Pulse pattern suggests distant black hole must be spinning at least at 50 percent the speed of light.​


TESS Discovers Its Third New Planet, With Longest Orbit Yet

Measurements indicate a dense, gaseous, “sub-Neptune” world, three times the size of Earth.​


NASA's TESS Rounds Up its First Planets, Snares Far-flung Supernovae

The new discoveries show that TESS is delivering on its goal of discovering planets around nearby bright stars.​


LIGO and Virgo Announce Four New Detections

The observatories are also releasing their first catalog of gravitational-wave events.​


Gravitational Waves Could Soon Provide Measure of Universe’s Expansion

UChicago study: New LIGO readings could improve disputed measurement within 5-10 years​


Missing Gamma-Ray Blobs Shed New Light on Dark Matter, Cosmic Magnetism

Astrophysicists use a catalog of extended gamma-ray sources spotted by Fermi spacecraft to home in on mysterious properties of deep space.​​


Caltech Professor Hirosi Ooguri Appointed New Director of Kavli IPMU

Ooguri began serving as the Director on October 15, assuming leadership of one of Japan’s most renowned research institutions.​