Astrophysics News


The Most Powerful Particles in the Universe

The Pierre Auger Observatory captures rare but unmistakable signals of ultra-high-energy cosmic rays


How the Universe Washes Over Us Earthlings: Astrophysics Highlights

Astrophysics is performed on objects we'll never physical encounter but that fortunately send light, particles, and waves our way


The Value of Finding What You Weren't Looking For: Astrophysics Highlights

Telescopes staring intently at the sky to capture phenomenon A often end up cataloguing B, C, and D, bringing in valuable, bonus data


A Startling Excess of Particle Detections by the XENON1T Could Point to New Physics

An experiment designed to smoke out dark matter may have stumbled upon an undiscovered particle or revealed a new property of neutrinos


Big name, big game from the Square Kilometer Array

Past and present members of the Kavli Institute for Cosmology, Cambridge, gear up the science for the largest radio telescope ever built


The Kavli Prize 2020

New laureates will be announced May 27


For Astrophysics, Uncertainty is an Ally: Astrophysics Highlights

A feature, not a bug, of scientific fields including astrophysics is that their "answers" are subject to change. Wait, what?


Seeing Back to the Beginning

A future satellite will measure polarization within cosmic microwave background radiation


First-Ever Glimpse of a Skew in Ghostly Neutrinos Could Be Why We Exist

New results from the T2K Collaboration offers insight into how matter came to dominate antimatter, affording us a universe to live in


Astrophysics Not at a Standstill: Astrophysics Highlights

While many science projects are being temporarily brought to a halt by the coronavirus, astrophysical discoveries and advances will continue