Astrophysics News


"Beauty"-ful Physics

The Belle II experiment could help explain why there's anything at all


The "Stuff" of Astrophysics: Astrophysics Highlights

From the grossly familiar to the scarcely believable


The Highest-Energy Light Ever Recorded: Astrophysics Highlights

Ever-improving telescope technologies enable astrophysicists to peel back nature's layers, solving stubborn mysteries


Weather Forecast in Galaxy Clusters: Little Chance for Starmaking

Computer models predict the dynamics of galaxies, both inside their astrophysical borders and outside into their broader cosmic environments


Observing the Behavior of Galaxies, the Universe's "Animals": Astrophysics Highlights

Astronomers continue to gain new insight into the ways of galaxies, the most significant individual structures found in the cosmos


The Science of Exoplanets is Poised for Major Breakthroughs

TESS is discovering the best candidate worlds for detailed follow-up by future telescopes, which will scour these realms for signs of life


A Pipeline of Discovery: Astrophysics Highlights

New discoveries roll in, while even newer ones look to be just around the bend


The Latest from LIGO

As Earth's premier hunter of gravitational waves, LIGO is making a killing​.


At the Edge of Knowledge: Astrophysics Highlights

A batch of new findings remind us that despite how much we seem to know, there is much we don't.


How fast is the universe expanding?

Scientists aren't sure, and all of cosmic history depends on it