3rd Kavli Symposium on Science Journalism: Transforming International Science News Coverage

3rd Kavli Symposium on Science Journalism

Kavli Symposium on Science Journalism: Transforming International Science News Coverage
(World Federation of Science Journalists/The Kavli Foundation)

15-17 February, 2016 - U.S. National Academy of Sciences, Washington DC, US

The World Federation of Science Journalists and The Kavli Foundation teamed up again for the 3rd Kavli Symposium on Science Journalism. Taking place in Washington DC, this symposium focused primarily on the international community of science journalists worldwide.

3rd Kavli Symposium on Science JournalismClick the image to download a PDF of the full report.

International science news can be extraordinarily challenging – especially when stories have human consequences. Difficulty in accessing sources due to language barriers makes information hard to assess and disseminate; geopolitical influences can color the information that’s provided; the veracity of information can range from the trustworthy to the manipulative or even to the corrupt. Coverage can also be complicated by a wave of restricted and/or conflicting information from international, national and even local sources. Further convoluting already complex stories: the inability (and sometimes unwillingness) to share and cross-check information, especially at the local level. Even a publication with overseas bureaus may lack the network and expertise its science reporting team needs to properly cover a region. This symposium used a combination of science news “case studies” and “out of the box” speakers to introduce new ideas, tools, strategies and models aimed at better empowering science journalists facing these complicated issues. Particular attention was given to:

  • Identifying international collaborative opportunities for improving coverage of cross- border science stories.
  • Empowering science journalists to better analyze, confront and circumvent the pressures and influences that come from covering science stories in varied and often unfamiliar regions.
  • Equipping science journalists to better access and accurately appraise relevant evidence from a range of regional sources.

A symposium report is available here For the program, click here.

Advisory Committee

  • Damien Chalaud
    Executive Director
    World Federation of Science Journalists

  • James Cohen
    Director of Communications & Public Outreach
    The Kavli Foundation

  • Pallab Ghosh
    Science Correspondent

  • Fred Guterl
    Executive Editor
    Scientific American

  • Robert Lee Hotz
    Science Writer
    Wall Street Journal

  • Rosie Mestel
    Chief News Editor

  • Veronique Morin
    Science Journalist; Project leader
    World Federation of Science Journalists

  • Ivan Oransky
    Global Editorial Director
    MedPage Today

  • Ginger Pinholster
    Director, Office of Public Programs
    American Association for the Advancement of Science

  • Volker Stollorz
    Science Journalist
    Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung

  • Richard Stone
    International New Editor
    Science Magazine

Session Leaders

  • Deborah Blum
    Director, Knight Science Journalism
    Fellowships, MIT

  • Fred Guteri
    Executive Editor
    Scientific American

  • Robert Lee Hotz
    Science Writer
    Wall Street Journal

  • Ivan Oransky
    Global Editorial Director
    MedPage Today

  • Richard Stone
    International News Editor

  • Mohammed Yahia
    Executive Editor
    NPG Middle East
    Chief Editor
    Nature Middle East


  • Noshir Contractor
    Professor, Behavioral Science
    Northwestern University
    Director, Sonic Lab

  • Victor Dzau
    National Academy of Medicine

  • Nina Federoff
    Evan Pugh Professor Emerita
    Penn State University

  • Diane E. Griffin
    Vice President
    National Academy of Sciences

  • Erika Hayden

  • Stephen Hall
    Adjunct Professor of Journalism
    New York University

  • Sasha Karberg
    Freelance Science Journalist

  • Trudo Lemmens
    Professor and Scholl Chair in Health Law and Policy
    University of Toronto

  • Ewen MacAskill
    Defence and Security Correspondent
    The Guardian

  • Pavel Machalek

  • Larry Maddof
    Editor of ProMED
    Professor of Medicine
    University of Massachusetts Medical School

  • Pouria Nazemi
    Freelance Journalist

  • Katy Scoggin

  • Charles Seife
    Professor of Journalism
    NYU's Arthur L. Carter Journalism Institute

  • R. Jeffrey Smith
    Managing Editor
    Center for Public Integrity

  • Mary Wilson
    Adjunct Professor
    Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health


  • Zainab Abdulrahman
    Science Journalist
    Nation Media Group

  • Christophe Assogba
    Science Journalist

  • Brooke Borel
    Science Journalist and Author

  • Curtis Brainard
    Digital Content Manager
    Scientific American

  • Estrella Burgos Ruiz
    Science Writer and Editor

  • Niall Byrne
    Creative Director
    Science in Public in Melbourne

  • Andrea Carolina Obaid Carrión
    Neurona Group

  • Damien Chalaud
    Executive Director

  • Sasha Chavkin
    International Consortium of Investigative Journalists

  • Tim De Chant
    Senior Digital Editor

  • Olivier Dessibourg
    Head Science & Environment Section
    LeTemps and L'Hebdo

  • Claudia Dreyfus
    The New York Times

  • Josee Nadia Drouin
    Science Journalist
    Agence Science Presse

  • Maggie Fox
    Senior Writer, Health

  • Richard Harris
    All Things Considered, Morning Edition
    National Public Radio

  • Laura Helmuth
    Director of Digital News
    National Geographic

  • Federico Kukso
    Freelance Science Journalist

  • Kai Kupferschmidt
    Freelance Science Journalist

  • Makoto Mitsui
    NomiuriVéronique Morin
    Project Director
    Kavli Symposium

  • Michael Moyer
    Deputy Editor
    Quanta Magazine

  • Ginger Pinholster
    Chief Communications Officer and Public Programs Director
    American Association for the Advancement of Science

  • Debbie Ponchner
    Spanish Language Editor
    Scientific American

  • Michel Rochon
    Health and Science Journalist
    Société Radio-Canada

  • Yves Sciama
    Freelance Science Journalist

  • David Secko
    Diploma Program Director and Associate Professor
    Department of Journalism-Concordia University

  • Ivan Semeniuk
    Science Journalist
    The Globe and Mail

  • Eliza Strickland
    Science Reporter
    IEEE Spectrum

  • Erik Vance
    Freelance Science Journalist
    Mexico City

  • Caroline Wichman
    Director, Press Public Relations
    German Science Academy

  • Ron Winslow
    Deputy Editor, Health and Science
    Wall Street Journal