2nd Kavli Symposium on Science Journalism: Data Mining

Kavli Symposium on Science Journalism: Data Mining
(World Federation of Science Journalists/The Kavli Foundation)

16-18 February, 2015 - Dolce Hayes Mansion, San Jose, CA, US

2nd Kavli Symposium on Science JournalismClick the image to download a PDF of the full report. For the summary report, click here.

The World Federation of Science Journalists and The Kavli Foundation teamed up again for the 2nd Kavli Symposium on Science Journalism. Taking place in the heart of Silicon Valley, this symposium focused primarily on data mining and innovative data tools, present and future, that could benefit the international community of science journalists worldwide.

One of the issues that emerged from the 1st Kavli Symposium on science journalism is the need for science journalists worldwide to have powerful and cutting edge data mining and mapping tools. This is along with new digital platforms to help better execute their jobs.

To explore this in-depth, this Symposium brought together an international body of science journalists with experts who can help identify the promises, problems and opportunities of data mining. Meeting in a dynamic environment that encourages free discussions, the symposium explored this topic while delving deeply into case studies stemming from current global issues in the field of public health, climate change, and investigative stories, and on how to find experts worldwide. In work group sessions, the participants also explored more deeply how these tools could have impacted past stories, and how they might be applied to the current and future needs of science journalists. This was conducted while helping define a vision for the future of science journalism built on innovation and cooperation.

The final report is available by clicking here.

Advisory Committee

  • Damien Chalaud
    Executive Director
    World Federation of Science Journalists

  • Mariette DiChristina
    Scientific American

  • Dan Fagin
    Science, Health and Environmental
    Reporting Program
    New York University

  • Pallab Ghosh
    Science Correspondent

  • James Hamilton
    Director, School of Journalism
    Stanford University

  • Thomas Hayden
    Science journalist/author
    Lecturer, Stanford University

  • Robert Lee Hotz
    Science Editor
    Wall Street Journal

  • Rosie Mestel
    Chief News Editor

  • Véronique Morin
    Science journalist; Symposium project leader
    World Federation of Science Journalists

  • Ivan Oransky
    Global Editorial Director
    MedPage Today

  • Ginger Pinholster
    Director, Office of Public Programs
    American Association for the
    Advancement of Science

  • Volker Stollorz
    Frankfurter Allgemeine (Germany)

  • Richard Stone
    International News Editor
    Science Magazine

Participants (Confirmed to Date; Speakers & Presenters Highlighted)

  • Osama Abu Rub
    Health Editor
    Al Jazeera (Qatar)

  • Deborah Blum
    Director, Knight Science Journalism
    Fellowships, MIT

  • Tien Dung Bui
    Science Editor
    Youth Daily (Vietnam)

  • John Bohannon
    Biologist & Correspondent
    Science, Discover, Wired

  • Alan Boyle
    Science Editor
    NBC News Digital

  • Curtis Brainard
    Blogs Editor
    Scientific American

  • Noshir Contractor
    Professor, Behavioral Science
    Northwestern University
    Director, Sonic Lab

  • Tim De Chant
    Senior Digital Editor

  • Alex DeSherbinin
    CODATA Task Group

  • Kim Chul Joong
    Health/Science Editor
    Chosun Ilbo, South Korea

  • Christina Elmer
    Data Journalist
    Der Spiegel (Germany)

  • Dominique Forget
    Quebec Science

  • Jim Giles
    Matter (United Kingdom)

  • Mark Glaser
    Executive Editor
    PBS MediaShift and Idea Lab

  • Fred Guteri
    Executive Editor
    Scientific American

  • Richard Harris
    All Things Considered, Morning Edition
    National Public Radio

  • Irma
    Kompas Media Nusantara

  • Kim Chul Joong
    Health/Science Editor
    Chosun Ilbo (South Korea)

  • Jure Leskovec
    Assist. Professor, Computer Science
    Stanford University

  • Manuel Lino
    El Economista (Mexico City)

  • Vincent McCurley
    Creative Technologist
    National Film Board of Canada

  • Margaret Munro
    National Science Writer
    PostMedia News

  • Dan Nyguen
    Computation Studies & Data Journalism
    Stanford University

  • Kathryn O'Hara
    Associate Professor, School of Journalism
    Stanford University

  • Jason Palmer
    Science & Technology Reporter
    The Economist

  • Fernando Perez
    Physicist; Creator, iPython
    UC Berkeley

  • Thuy Huong Pham
    Vietnam News Agency

  • Cheryl Phillips
    Data Journalism Lecturer
    Stanford University

  • Subhransu Priyadarsini
    Nature India

  • David Secko
    Associate Professor
    Concordia (Canada)

  • Dafna Shahaf
    Postdoc,  Computer Science
    Stanford University

  • Alexander de Sherbinin
    CODATA Task Group on Global Roads Data Development

  • Willie Shubert
    Senior Program Coordinator
    Internews' Earth Journalism Network

  • Jonathan Stray
    Head, The Overview Project
    The Associated Press

  • Harry Surjadi
    Freelance Journalist

  • Mariko Takahashi
    Science journalist
    Asahi Shimbun (Tokyo, Japan)

  • Harry Surjadi
    Freelance Reporter

  • Ron Winslow
    Deputy Editor, Health and Science
    Wall Street Journal

In Attendance (Confirmed to Date)

  • Kathryn Brown
    Head of Communications
    Howard Hughes Medical Institute

  • Thomas Lin
    Web Producer
    Simons Foundation

  • Aditi Risbud
    Communications Officer
    Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation

  • Kim Eun Sung
    Head of Public Relations Division
    National Research Council of
    Science & Technology
    South Korea

  • Dana Topousis
    Acting Director
    Office of Legislative & Public Affairs     
    National Science Foundation

  • Andrea Sperling
    Editor and Moderator
    NDR Info (Germany)
    International Development Research
    Centre (Canada)

  • Caroline Wichman
    Director, Press & Public Relations
    German Science Academy


  • James Cohen
    Director of Communications & Public Outreach; Program Leader
    The Kavli Foundation