Theoretical Physics News


AURA releases study of future space telescope

Astronomers envision a 'high-definition Hubble' to look for life beyond Earth.


Dark Matter Map Begins to Reveal the Universe's Early History

The latest results from the Subaru Telescope’s newest camera have captured nine large dark matter concentrations, each the mass of a galaxy cluster, more than one billion light-years from Earth.


How Spacetime is built by Quantum Entanglement: New Insight into Unification of General Relativity and Quantum Mechanics

A collaboration of physicists and a mathematician has made a significant step toward unifying general relativity and quantum mechanics.


SLAC Gears Up for Dark Matter Hunt with LUX-ZEPLIN

Researchers have come a step closer to building one of the world’s advanced dark matter detectors after a crucial government review.


Supernova Hits Star, Results Shocking

A team of astronomers observe a supernova smash into its companion star; resulting ultraviolet pulse points to supernova’s origin story.


Newly Dedicated Observatory to Search for Gravitational Waves

Seeking to expand how we observe and understand the universe where we live, the National Science Foundation today helped dedicate the Advanced Laser Interferometer Gravitational Wave Observatories (Advanced LIGO) at the LIGO Hanford facility in Richland, Wash.


Professor Marc Kastner, Renowned Physicist and MIT Dean, Named President of the Science Philanthropy Alliance

The Science Philanthropy Alliance, a coalition of leading nonprofit institutions and foundations dedicated to increasing investment in basic science research, announced today that Marc Kastner will be its first president.


Surprising Theorists, Stars Within Middle-Aged Clusters Are of Similar Age

An examination of middle-aged star clusters reveals an unexpectedly narrow age range among their stars, suggesting that large groups of stars evolve differently than previously understood.


Winners Named in 2014 AAAS Kavli Science Journalism Awards Competition

Stories exploring the complexities of human biology, the influences of our fishy evolutionary forebears on how we look, and the enduring challenge of understanding cancer, are among the winners of the 2014 AAAS Kavli Science Journalism Awards.


Charlie Munger Makes $65 Million Gift to KITP

Charles Munger has donated $65 million to KICP to create a residential hall —  the largest in the school’s history, will be used to build and furnish a residence for KITP's visiting scientists.