Theoretical Physics News


DESI, an ambitious probe of dark energy, achieves its next major milestone

DOE approves Critical Decision 2, based at Berkeley Lab.


Advanced LIGO to Begin Operations

The Advanced LIGO begins operations this week, after 7 years of enhancement.


Latest results from dark matter detector XMASS presented in Torino

Experiment to test whether dark matter signals change throughout the year yields contradictory results, say researchers at TAUP2015.


Discovery of potential gravitational lenses shows citizen science value

Citizen scientists help an international team of researchers discover 29 new gravitational lens candidates.


World’s most powerful digital camera sees construction green light

The Large Synoptic Survey Telescope’s ‘eye’ will be built at SLAC.


Discovering Dust-Obscured Active Galaxies As They Grow

An extensive search with the Subaru Telescope yields dozens of dust-obscured galaxies.


A cutting-edge research tool

Summer school teaches astrophysicists to use an open source computational code developed at UCSB's Kavli Institute for Theoretical Physics.


Dark Energy Survey finds more celestial neighbors

New dwarf galaxy candidates could mean our sky is more crowded than we thought.


Astronomers discover 'young Jupiter' exoplanet

Stanford physicist Bruce Macintosh, lead investigator on the Gemini Planet Imager, explains how this planet could help us understand how solar systems form.


New Horizons data hint at underground ocean

Ice flows and water ice mountains spied by NASA spacecraft support the idea that an interior ocean may be driving geologic activity on Pluto.