Theoretical Physics News


Investigating the Neutrino Mass Scale With The Ultra-Low Background KamLAND-Zen Detector

The KamLAND-Zen experiment succeeded in dramatically improving the neutrinoless decay search limit.


Smallest Hard Disk To Date Writes Information Atom By Atom

Storage density is 500 times better than the best commercial hard disk currently available.


Blue Is an Indicator of First Star's Supernova Explosion

The color of supernovae during a specific phase could be an indicator for detecting the oldest supernovae in the Universe.


Lost Satellite Revealed Black Hole Stirring Cosmic Brew, Thwarting Star Formation

Before Hitomi Died, it Sent Back X-ray Data that Explain How Turbulent Motions May Prevent Cooling of Hot Gas.


Simulations Foresee Hordes of Colliding Black Holes in Observatory’s Future

Study examines genealogy of first detected mergers.


Science Movie Supervised By Hirosi Ooguri Wins Best Educational Production Award

Film visualizes superstring theory and was supervised by supervised by Kavli IPMU Principal Investigator Hirosi Ooguri.


Supermassive Black Hole Wind Can Stop New Stars From Forming

New class of galaxies with supermassive black hole winds energetic enough to suppress star formation.


New Test By Deepest Galaxy Map Finds Einstein’s Theory Stands True

Researchers have made a 3D map of 3000 galaxies 13 billion light years from Earth.


Experiment Probes Nature of Space and Time

Scientists listen for 'holographic noise" at the universe's smallest scale.


Subaru Telescope Takes Snapshot of Fast Radio Burst Host Galaxy

Until now, no one could explain what fast radio bursts were or where they came from.