Theoretical Physics News


National Team of Scientists Peers into the Future of Stem Cell Biology

Publishing in the journal Cell, remarkable progress in understanding how stem cell biology works has been reported by an interdisciplinary team of leading scientists from biology, physics, and engineering. 


Study Predicts Distribution of Gravitational Wave Sources

A new study predicts for the first time where neutron star mergers are likely to occur in the local galactic neighborhood.


USA Science & Engineering Kavli Science Video Winners Announced

The winners of the USA Science & Engineering Kavli Science Video Contest were announced on October 24at at the festival's Expo at the National Mall in Washington, D.C.


Milky Way Sidelined in Galactic Tug of War

The Milky Way, thought to be the dominant gravitational force in forming the Magellanic Stream, is sidelined by a new computer simulation.


Astrophysicist Lars Bildsten Appointed to Endowed Chair at Kavli Institute for Theoretical Physics

UC Santa Barbara astrophysicist Lars Bildsten, a permanent member of the Kavli Institute for Theoretical Physics, has been awarded the Wayne Rosing, Simon and Diana Raab Chair in Theoretical Astrophysics in recognition of his pioneering contributions to the discipline.


2010 Kavli Prize Laureates Honored in Oslo

The 2010 Kavli Prize laureates were presented their awards by His Majesty King Harald of Norway during a ceremony at the Oslo Concert Hall.


Dark-Matter Search Plunges Physicists to New Depths

Physicist Juan Collar and team are deploying a 4-kilogram bubble chamber at SNOLab, Ontario, Canada to identify dark matter particles.


UCSB Researcher Co-Authors New Study of Magnon Hall Effect in Insulators

For the first time, physicists have shown that the Hall effect can be created in magnets without the benefit of a charge current.


Kavli Prize Science Forum 2010: "The Role of International Cooperation in Science"

Focusing this year on the role of international cooperation toward advancing science, the new biennial international forum will facilitate high-level, global discussion of major topics on science and science policy.


Names of the 2010 Kavli Prize Winners Announced

Eight scientists whose discoveries have dramatically expanded human understanding in the fields of astrophysics, nanoscience and neuroscience have been recognised with the award of the million-dollar Kavli Prizes.