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Science Spotlights

Jul 15, 2014

During a recent Google Hangout, three astrophysicists discussed the recent exoplanet discovery boom and considered the next steps in the hunt for habitable worlds. Read a modified transcript of their discussion.

Jul 09, 2014

Three astrophysicists – Zachory Berta-Thompson, Bruce Macintosh and Marie-Eve Naud – discuss the recent uptick in known planets beyond our solar system, consider the next steps in the hunt for habitable worlds, and debate whether technology will allow us to find alien life in the next decade.

Brain Evolution
Jul 07, 2014

Three geneticists – James Sikela of the University of Colorado School of Medicine, James Noonan of the Kavli Institute for Neuroscience at Yale, and Daniel Geschwind of UCLA – discuss how their field is revolutionizing the study of human brain evolution.

Addiction: Can the Brain Control Our Uncontrollable Urges?
Jun 09, 2014

Nora D. Volkow (National Institute of Drug Abuse), Eric Nestler (Friedman Brain Institute), and Marina Picciotto (Yale University) discuss the biology of addiction and prospects for improved pharmacological treatments.