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Neuroscience Spotlights

Jun 22, 2017

For the first time, scientists have watched sleep transform the brain. The research confirms a long-standing theory about the value of sleep—and helps explain why sleep deprivation messes with our ability to remember. Four neuroscientists—Chiara Cirelli, Graham Diering, Richard Huganir and Ken Paller—discuss two breakthrough sleep studies. 

Mar 15, 2017

Can new technologies be used to treat mental illness or enhance memory? Three brain researchers—Helen Mayberg, Brian Litt and Jose Carmena—are betting on it.

Fruit fly brain
Nov 10, 2016

Data sharing on a massive scale transformed the field of astronomy. Is neuroscience next? Astronomer Alex Szalay and neuroscientists Christof Koch and Joshua Vogelstein discuss.

Fruit fly brain
Oct 12, 2016

A group of scientists and funders—Walter Koroshetz (NIHO, James Olds (NSF), Christine Payne (Georgia Tech) and Terrence Sejnowski (Salk Institute)—reflect on what the BRAIN Initiative has already achieved and how it is evolving.