Neuroscience News


A Sprinkle of Platinum Nanoparticles Onto Graphene Makes Brain Probes More Sensitive

Graphene electrodes could enable higher quality imaging of brain cell activity​


Study Reveals Brain Activity Patterns Underlying Fluent Speech

Research could pave the way for a brain prosthetic to translate thoughts into speech​


No More Sweet Tooth? Scientists Switch Off Pleasure from Food in Brains of Mice

Columbia study shows that altering activity in brain’s emotion center can eliminate the natural craving for sweet; findings could inform treatments for eating disorders.​


Impaired Energy Production May Explain Why the Brain Is Susceptible to Age-Related Diseases

By studying neurons generated directly from skin cells, Salk researchers showed the impact of aged mitochondria on brain cells​


Brain scientists Identify 'Cross Talk' Between Neurons that Control Touch in Mice

Findings may provide new insights into the connections between movement and touch​


Deep Space Radiation Treatment Reboots Brain’s Immune System

Novel drug protects memory function in mice exposed to simulated cosmic radiation​


A New Way to Watch Brain Activity in Action

New technology is expected to give researchers a dynamic tool to study the brain’s role in various behaviors.


Interconnected Cells-in-a-Dish Let Researchers Study Brain Disease

Using multiple types of cells found in the brain’s hippocampus, Salk researchers modeled how connections between cells go awry in schizophrenia​


A Rose is a Rose is a Rose: Mathematical Model Explains How Different Brains Agree on Smells

Columbia researchers propose  new  and critical role for neurons in brain’s smell center.


Brain Activity Linked to Stress Changes Chemical Codes

Findings may be relevant to other disorders, from autism to PTSD​