Neuroscience News


A Star is Born: Lesser-Known Brain Cell Takes Center Stage

New Salk method efficiently grows human astrocytes in a dish, advancing studies of stroke, Alzheimer’s and depression.


Brain’s Immune Cells Linked To Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Schizophrenia

Salk and UC San Diego scientists conducted vast microglia survey, revealing links to neurodegenerative diseases and psychiatric illnesses.


New Brain Mapping Tool Produces Higher Resolution Data During Brain Surgery

The device could enable doctors to perform safer, more precise brain surgeries.


How the Brain Turns Down the Volume on Your Noisy Body

A Q&A with Nathaniel Sawtell about the brain's ability to distinguish ‘self’ from ‘other’. 


Scientists Identify a Neural Circuit That Rotates a Fly’s Internal Compass

The compass signal in the fly brain bears a strong resemblance to the navigation system in rats.


Newly Discovered Brain Network Offers Clues to Social Cognition

Study investigated the origins of our ability to understand what other people are thinking. 


Opioid Receptors: A New Target for Antidepressants?

The antidepressant tianeptine works via the mu opioid receptor, like morphine, and also relieves pain.


The Kavli Microbiome Ideas Challenge Funds Innovative, Cross-Cutting Research

Three interdisciplinary teams of researchers will develop novel tools and methods in the field of microbiome research.


New Microscopy Method Breaks Color Barrier of Optical Imaging

The advancement has the potential to guide the development of therapies to treat and cure disease.


Sugar-Craving Crushed — In Flies, At Least

Yale scientists have discovered ways to blunt the craving for sugar.