Neuroscience News


Stem Cells Used to Successfully Regenerate Damage in Corticospinal Injury

For first time, researchers show functional benefit in animal model of key motor control system.


Using Magnetic Forces to Control Neurons, Study Finds the Brain Plays Key Role in Glucose Metabolism

Findings suggest a group of neurons in the hypothalamus play a vital role in maintaining blood glucose levels.


Portion Control: Cells Found in Mouse Brain That Signal ‘Stop Eating’

The discovery grew out of studies of the proteins that strengthen and weaken synapses.


Scientists Find Brain Cells That Know Which End Is Up

Researchers find neurons that use large-scale environmental cues to infer the direction of gravity.


Scientists Watch Activity of Newborn Brain Cells in Mice; Reveal they are Required for Memory

Findings may offer insight into a range of psychiatric conditions, including anxiety and mood disorders.


Cori Bargmann Honored With the 2016 Scolnick Prize in Neuroscience

She is being honored for her work on the genetic and neural mechanisms that control behavior in roundworms.


Likely Biological Link Found Between Zika Virus, Microcephaly

Discovery with lab-grown stem cells could be used to identify potential therapies.


'Brain GPS' Component Allows Brain to Track Location When at Rest

Scientists have discovered a network of brain cells that allows animals to keep track of where they are when they are not moving.


Metabolism Protein Found to Also Regulate Feeding Behavior in the Brain

A hormone called amylin is part of the complex circuit controlling consumption.


Genomic Analysis Pinpoints a Potential Target for Treatment of Down Syndrome

Yale study suggests the formation of the brain’s white matter is affected throughout life in individuals with the disorder.