Neuroscience News


American Society for Microbiology Launches the Kavli Microbiome Ideas Challenge In Partnership with Two Leading Scientific Societies

The $1-million science competition will support the development of scientific tools for investigating life on a microbial scale.


A Common Brain Cell Shapes the Nervous System in Unexpected Ways

Glial cells can control the shape and function of specific nerve endings.


Sophisticated ‘Mini-Brains’ Add to Evidence of Zika's Toll on Fetal Cortex

Novel tool expected to speed research on brain and drug development.


Derailed Train of Thought? Brain’s Stopping System May Be at Fault

Study suggests same neural mechanism that interrupts body movement also interrupts cognition.


Improved Brain Mapping Tool 20 Times More Powerful Than Previous Version

Salk team’s improved rabies virus technology maps neurons across large swaths of nervous system.


Distinguished KIBM Neuroscientist Wins Thon Prize

Jean-Pierre Changeux has been awarded the prestigious Thon Prize, given by Norway’s Olav Thon Foundation.


Scientists Find Molecular Link Between Zika and Microcephaly

A protein found in stem cells of the developing human brain and retina may make the cells vulnerable to the virus.


Sweet Tooth? Flies Have It Too—And New Research Explains How They Know What to Eat and When to Stop

Researchers working with Drosophila flies have brought us one step closer to understanding the biology of eating.


Stem Cells Used to Successfully Regenerate Damage in Corticospinal Injury

For first time, researchers show functional benefit in animal model of key motor control system.


Using Magnetic Forces to Control Neurons, Study Finds the Brain Plays Key Role in Glucose Metabolism

Findings suggest a group of neurons in the hypothalamus play a vital role in maintaining blood glucose levels.