Neuroscience News


Scientists Screen Existing Drugs in Hopes of Fast-Tracking Zika Treatment

Research team identifies three drugs effective enough in lab to warrant further study.


Long-Sought ‘Warm-Sensitive’ Brain Cells Identified in New Study

Results challenge standard model of how mammals cool off.


Yale Team Discovers How Zika Virus Causes Fetal Brain Damage

Infection by the Zika virus diverts a key protein necessary for neural cell division in the developing human fetus.


Researchers "Reprogram" Network of Brain Cells with Thin Beam of Light

Groups of activated neurons may form the basic building blocks of learning and memory.


Neurodevelopmental Model of Williams Syndrome Offers Insight into Human Social Brain

Rare genetic condition may shed light on biology and behavior of persons with autism and other social disorders.


New Understanding of Thirst Emerges from Brain Study

Neurons ‘predict’ drinking’s restorative effects well before they unfold.


New Approach Exposes 3D Structure of Alzheimer’s Proteins Within the Brain

A team of The Rockefeller University scientists used a new approach, known as iDISCO, that makes brain tissue transparent.


X Marks the Spot: Imaging Study in Mice Sheds Light on How the Brain Draws a Map to a Specific Destination

Scientists track brain-cell activity of mice in real time, gain insight into how the brain stores and organizes information


Small Molecule Keeps New Adult Neurons from Straying, May Be Tied to Schizophrenia

Salk study shows the microRNA miR-19 helps budding adult brain cells stay on track.


Awardees of the Mentoring and PhD Prizes 2016 Have Been Announced

New FENS-KAVLI Network of Excellence awards to David Attwell and Linda Katona.