Neuroscience News


Columbia Team Develops Treatments for Depression

Understanding the molecular mechanisms of resistance to antidepressants.​


Scientists Identify Gene That Keeps PTSD-like Behavior at Bay in Female Mice

Columbia study highlights  key  role this gene plays in essential biological processes; offers  promising  new target for combating PTSD, a disorder that impacts women more than men.


Scientists Identify Genetic Factors that May Cause Some People to Become Obese

Genetic  mechanism may play a role in at least 10 percent of all obesity cases.


Single Gene Linked to Host of Abnormalities During Neurodevelopment

Mutations of the TRIO gene are found in a significant number of people suffering from several neurodevelopmental disorders.​


Chimpanzee Brain Organoids Hint at Secrets of Human Evolution

Small clusters of brain cells grown from stem cells in a laboratory dish mimic the development and organization of full-size chimpanzee brains.​


High-speed, 3D SCAPE Microscope Captures Stunning, Live Videos of Fruit Fly Nerve Cells in Action

Columbia team harnesses powerful technology to uncover never-before-seen details of the nervous system, demonstrating SCAPE’s broad potential to decipher the brain.​


Inside the Brains of Hungry Worms, Researchers Find Clues About How They Hunt

Researchers describe neural mechanisms responsible for the organisms' strategic local search for food.


What Do Animal Brains Have in Common With a Swarm of Robots? Maybe More Than You Think

In an effort to improve robotic swarming algorithms, an interdisciplinary team of scientists will study how the brain allows an animal to navigate and change its route while moving.​


Uncovering the Evolution of the Brain

Salk scientists compare the development of brain cells between humans and nonhuman primates in a novel way.​


Rats in Augmented Reality Help Show How the Brain Determines Location

A new Johns Hopkins study found that rats' ability to recalibrate these learned relationships is ever-evolving, moment-by-moment.