Neuroscience News


The Kavli Foundation and University Partners Commit $100 Million to Brain Research

The Kavli Foundation and its university partners announced today the commitment of more than $100 million in new funds to enable research aimed at deepening our understanding of the brain and brain-related disorders.


Yale's Pietro De Camilli named director of the Kavli Institute for Neuroscience

De Camilli succeeds Pasko Rakic, who has led the institute since it was founded in 2004.


German high school named after Columbia Nobel Laureate Eric Kandel

Columbia neuroscientist and Nobel Laureate Eric Kandel recently visited a high school in Germany that was named in his honor.


San Diego events map future of brain research and remedies

Crowdfunding campaign launches to help build region as ‘neurotech’ hub.


Mosers, Kavli Institute given multimillion grant to establish a new centre of excellence

Nobel laureates May-Britt and Edvard Moser and their research institute given US $12 million to pursue research on Alzheimer's disease.


Degenerating neurons respond to gene therapy treatment for Alzheimer’s Disease

Postmortem brain studies suggest nerve growth factor safely triggered functional cell growth.


Receptors in brain linked to schizophrenia, autism

Mice lacking a set of receptors in one type of neuron in the brain developed compulsive, anti-social behaviors.


Making ‘miniature brains’ from skin cells to better understand autism

A new stem cell study could help predict autism and may lead to new drug targets for treatment of the disorder in a subset of children.


The Ties that Bind: Brain cells link emotion with the sensory world

A Q&A on the neuroscience of emotion with Daniel Salzman of the Kavli Institute for Brain Science at Columbia.


Fred "Rusty" Gage receives Allen Distinguished Investigator Award to reveal biology of Alzheimer’s disease

The award will support research to distinguish the role of aging from the role of disease in disease progression.