Neuroscience News


Crowdsourcing Effort Helps Researchers Predict How a Molecule Will Smell

Mathematical model can forecast the scent a molecule will evoke.


Mouse Studies Offer New Insights About Cocaine’s Effect On the Brain

Study shows how a protein called WAVE1 regulates the brain’s response to cocaine.


Pinpointing a Genetic 'Switch' That Offers Clues to Evolutionary Origins of Fine Motor Skills

Findings highlight diversity of cells in central nervous system required for movement​


Zapping Between Channels In the Retina

Investigating the biological basis of vision: Tübingen neuroscientists analyse the ‘division of labour’ in the retina.


Study: Lack of Sleep Inhibits Brain's Ability to Form New Memories

Rest lets mice recalibrate neurons that help solidify lessons learned, research suggests


Scientists Pinpoint Fetal Cells ‘Vulnerable’ to Later Life Stress

Researchers have developed a way to identify cells damaged prior to birth that survive but are more vulnerable to stress later in life.


Worms Have Teenage Ambivalence, Too

Salk scientists find that neurological changes mark transition from ambivalent adolescent to capable adult in the roundworm


Rice to Host Visionary Kavli Meetings On Sensing

Halas, Smalley-Curl Institute will organize ‘Grand Challenges’ meetings


Multiregional Brain On A Chip

Model allows researchers to study how diseases like schizophrenia impact different regions of the brain simultaneously


Here’s Why You Don’t Feel Jet-Lagged When You Run a Fever

Link between sleep/wake cycles and core body temperature discovered in mice.