Neuroscience News


Multiregional Brain On A Chip

Model allows researchers to study how diseases like schizophrenia impact different regions of the brain simultaneously


Here’s Why You Don’t Feel Jet-Lagged When You Run a Fever

Link between sleep/wake cycles and core body temperature discovered in mice.


Toeing the Line: Study Finds Brain Cells That Signal Path Of Travel

Cells fire when the animal travels in either direction along a single axis.


Cutting Through the Clamor: How the Brain Helps Us Understand Spoken Words in Noisy Settings

UCSF scientists have discovered a mechanism the brain uses to compensate when speech sounds are obscured by noise.


The Restless Brain: New Study Uncovers Vivid Patterns of Neural Activity in the Resting Mouse Brain

Findings offer insight into long-standing scientific question; reinforce use of fMRI for studies of brain activity.


Zika in Fetal Brain Tissue Responds to a Popular Antibiotic

UCSF researchers identify crucial cells targeted by the virus.


“Princess Leia” Brainwaves Help Sleeping Brain Store Memories

Salk researchers discover rotating waves of brain activity that repeat during night.


Researchers Find Widespread Disruption of Brain Activity During Absence Seizures

Yale study finds the entire brain is involved in a common form of childhood epilepsy that causes kids to “blank out.”


Scientists Prove How Genetics Change Behavior by Studying Worms’ Foraging Strategies

Findings provide concrete evidence for game theory, which suggests that population density changes how individuals act.


Researchers Watch in 3D As Neurons Talk to Each Other in a Living Mouse Brain

Microscopy system capable of capturing short-lived events within individual cells, while observing large volumes of brain tissue.