Neuroscience News


Human Neurons Continue to Migrate After Birth, Research Finds

UCSF Study Reveals Previously Unrecognized Stage of Brain Development


Brain Study Reveals How Teens Learn Differently than Adults

Columbia-led research finds adolescents’ ability to remember is closely linked to reward-learning behavior.


How the Brain Makes New Memories While Preserving the Old

Model helps to explain how the human brain's biological complexity allows it to lay down new memories without wiping out old ones.


The Kavli Foundation commends the establishment of an international brain initiative

Global collaboration among brain researchers will accelerate progress toward understanding and treating the brain.


The Brain’s Stunning Genomic Diversity Revealed

Collaboration led by the Salk Institute shows that half of our healthy neurons contain huge insertions or deletions in DNA.


Scientists Screen Existing Drugs in Hopes of Fast-Tracking Zika Treatment

Research team identifies three drugs effective enough in lab to warrant further study.


Yale Team Discovers How Zika Virus Causes Fetal Brain Damage

Infection by the Zika virus diverts a key protein necessary for neural cell division in the developing human fetus.


Researchers "Reprogram" Network of Brain Cells with Thin Beam of Light

Groups of activated neurons may form the basic building blocks of learning and memory.


Neurodevelopmental Model of Williams Syndrome Offers Insight into Human Social Brain

Rare genetic condition may shed light on biology and behavior of persons with autism and other social disorders.


New Understanding of Thirst Emerges from Brain Study

Neurons ‘predict’ drinking’s restorative effects well before they unfold.