Nanoscience News


First On-chip Nanoscale Optical Quantum Memory Developed

Smallest-yet optical quantum memory device is a storage medium for optical quantum networks; potential to be scaled up for commercial use​


Scientists Fine-Tune System to Create ‘Syngas’ from CO2

From there, syngas can be converted downstream into small molecules, like ethanol, or larger hydrocarbons, such as those in gasoline.​


Smaller, Smarter, Softer Robotic Arm for Endoscopic Surgery

Bioinspired approach combines pop-up fabrication with soft robotics​


Wiesner Team Images Tiny Quasicrystals as They Form

Cornell team conducted hundreds of experiments to capture the formation of these structures at early stages of their development.


Slippery Liquid Surfaces Confuse Mussels to Prevent Their Adhesion to Underwater Structures

Non-toxic, lubricant-infused coatings deter mussels and prevent their attachment by disrupting their mechanosensory and adhesive systems​


Cyborg Bacteria Turn Sunlight into Useful Chemicals

UC Berkeley scientists have taught bacteria to cover themselves in tiny, highly efficient solar panels to produce useful chemical compounds.​


Harvard Researchers Develop Tough, Self-Healing Rubber

Potential applications include more durable tires, wearable electronics, medical devices.​


A Semiconductor That Can Beat the Heat

Berkeley Lab, UC Berkeley scientists discover unique thermoelectric properties in cesium tin iodide.


Improving Understanding of the Quantum World With Quantum Dots

Scientists have built an 'artificial material'  that mimics quantum behavior.


Computer Chip Technology Repurposed for Making Reflective Nanostructures

Applied physicist Andrei Faraon focuses his metamaterials research in a new direction.