Nanoscience News


New Electron Microscope Sees More Than An Image

It yields not just an image, but also a wealth of information about about the structure of the sample.


Sculpting Optical Microstructures With Slight Changes in Chemistry

Theory helps better understand and control microfabrication


Study to Focus on Breast Cancer's Effect on Bone Composition

A Cornell-led international research team has secured more than $1 million in funding from the Human Frontier Science Program.


New Materials Could Turn Water into the Fuel of the Future

A new materials discovery approach puts solar fuels on the fast track to commercial viability


Group Blazes Path To Efficient, Eco-Friendly Deep-Ultraviolet LED

A Cornell research group has created a smaller, more earth-friendly alternative to tradition deep-UV lamps.


Researchers Demonstrate New Type of Laser

Researchers demonstrate an on-chip microwave laser based on a fundamental property of superconductivity, the AC Josephson effect.


Cells Divide By ‘Bricklaying On Moving Scaffolding’

An international team of researchers discovers how cells cut themselves into two daughter cells.


Water Sensor Moves From Basic Research to Promising Business

New sensor tells growers when their plants need irrigation with accurate, real-time readings at reasonable cost.


A Toolkit For Transformable Materials

How to design materials with reprogrammable shape and function 


Nurturing Nanoscience

The past, present, and future contributions of Caltech's intellectual hub for nanoscience.