Nanoscience News


A Simple Technique to Visualize Complex Atomic-Scale Structures
A new technique uses a sheet of carbon just one atom thick, to visualize the structure of molecules.


KNI Co-Director Michael Roukes Receives 2010 NIH Director's Pioneer Award
Michael Roukes, co-director of the Kavli Nanoscience Institute at the California Institute of Technology, is a recipient of a 2010 NIH Director's Pioneer Award.


Caltech-led Team Gets Up to $122 Million for Energy Innovation Hub

Caltech will partner with Lawrence Berkeley Nat. Lab. and other CA institutions to develop a method to produce fuels from sunlight


New Nanopore Devices May Significantly Impact Screening of DNA Molecules
Researchers from Delft University announced a new type of nanopore devices that may significantly impact the way DNA molecules are screened.


Kavli Prize Science Forum 2010: "The Role of International Cooperation in Science"

Focusing this year on the role of international cooperation toward advancing science, the new biennial international forum will facilitate high-level, global discussion of major topics on science and science policy.


Study Measures Single-Molecule Machines in Action

A multidisciplinary team of researchers has succeeded in observing single-molecule interactions functioning in their native environment.


Researchers Make Magnetic Sheets Just Nanometers Thick

Technique could pave way for manganites and other oxides to replace silicon in thin-film electronics, memory storage and other technologies.


Researchers Image Sub-Nano Pore Structures For The First Time

In the quest for faster and cheaper computers, scientists have imaged pore structures in insulation material at sub-nanometer scales for the first time. Understanding these structures could substantially enhance computer performance and power usage of integrated circuits.


Names of the 2010 Kavli Prize Winners Announced

Eight scientists whose discoveries have dramatically expanded human understanding in the fields of astrophysics, nanoscience and neuroscience have been recognised with the award of the million-dollar Kavli Prizes.


Molecule-Sized Bait Used by UCLA Research Team to Fish for New Drug Targets

UCLA researchers and collaborators have developed a technique that could lead to a new generation of psychiatric medications