Nanoscience News


Cornell Collaboration Reports Unique Property of Bilayer Graphene

The group reports remarkably clear observations of excitons – electrically neutral quasiparticles – in bilayer graphene.


Artificial Muscles Give Soft Robots Superpowers

Origami-inspired muscles are both soft and strong, and can be made for less than $1


Group Maps Atomic Shifts in Charge-Ordered Manganite

New approach to characterizing and understanding exotic charge-ordered phases in which electrons are ordered into periodic patterns.


Cornell Team Devises Rapid Test for Vitamin A, Iron Deficits

The small, portable diagnostic system about the size of a lunchbox contains a blood sample test strip, like those used by diabetics.


Engineers Create Stable Plasma Ring in Open Air

Man-made St. Elmo's fire generated with just water and a flat, dielectric plate.


Kill Switches for Engineered Microbes Gone Rogue

Stable autonomous kill switches ensure biocontainment of living microbes designed as devices for medicine or the environment.​


Shaping Animal, Vegetable and Mineral

Researchers develop mathematical techniques for designing shape-shifting shells.​


Octopus Inspires 3-D Texture Morphing Project

Reseach team developed a method for precisely transforming stretchable 2-D objects into 3-D shapes.​


Injecting Electrons Jolts 2-D Structure Into New Atomic Pattern

Berkeley Lab study is first to show  potential  of energy-efficient next-gen electronic memory.


TU Delft and University of Vienna Measure Quantization of Vibrations

In the new study, the researchers adapted one of the seminal tests of the particle character of light.​