Nanoscience News


Scientists Take a Major Leap Toward a ‘Perfect’ Quantum Metamaterial

Berkeley Lab, UC Berkeley researchers lead study that uses trapped atoms in an artificial crystal of light


Tiny Batteries For Superconductivity

New research might help to operate large arrays of superconducting quantum bits, potential candidates to use in a quantum computer.


Made Better Through Science: Calcite Tuned To Be Mollusk-Tough

Cornell researchers strengthen pure calcite through the introduction of amino acids.


Scientists at TU Delft Take Next Step Towards Observing Quantum Physics in Real Life

New membrane overcomes a major hurdle towards observing quantum physics with massive objects at room temperature.


Efficient ‘Electricity Traffic Lights’ Made from a Single Molecule

TU Delft researchers have successfully manufactured a diode using just a single molecule.


Elusive Superconductor State Observed

The team confirmed a 50-year-old prediction about "Cooper pairs" of electrons in a superconductor.


Scientists Push Valleytronics One Step Closer to Reality

Berkeley Lab and UC Berkeley researchers control a promising new way to encode electrons.


Revealing the Fluctuations of Flexible DNA in 3-D

First-of-their-kind images by Berkeley Lab-led research team could aid in use of DNA to build nanoscale devices


'Sticky Waves': Molecular interactions at the nanoscale

New research may help scientists understand and control the interactions between objects at the nanoscale.


Lasers Produced By UC Scientists Bring Light-Speed Data One Step Closer

A simple new way to produce nanoscale wires that can serve as tiny, tunable lasers.