Nanoscience News


Chemists Create Tinted Windows That Also Generate Electricity

The invention could lead to power-producing smart windows for buildings, cars and display screens, according to the authors.


Researchers From TU Delft Combine Spintronics and Nanophotonics in 2D Material

The discovery might lead to the development of an energy-efficient way of processing data, in data centres, for example.


Scientists Discover ‘Chiral Phonons’ – Atomic Rotations in a 2-D Semiconductor Crystal

Experiments confirm the first chiral phonon that could enable exotic forms of electronics.​

Experiments confirm the first chiral phonon that could enable exotic forms of electronics.​


Expanding the Reach of the Bionic Leaf

With eye on population growth, postdoc teams with Silver, Nocera on project to aid agriculture in developing world.


Small But Fast: A Miniaturized Origami-Inspired Robot Combines Micrometer Precision with High Speed

The millimeter-scale robot opens new avenues for microsurgery,  microassembly   and  micromanipulation.


Majoranas on the Rise

By using new manufacturing methods, researchers have successfully observed Majoranas in significantly improved conditions. ​​


Physicists Build Muscle for Shape-Changing, Cell-Sized Robots

These microscale machines could become a powerful platform for robotics at the size scale of biological microorganisms.​


High-resolution X-ray Gratings Enable State-of-the-Art Spectrometer

Tech will enable future x-ray missions to detect high-energy astrophysical sources such as black hole winds and hot gas in the cosmic web.​


Scientists Explore Quantum Properties in the Two-Dimensional Limit

TU Delft investigated thin slices of SrIrO3, a material that belongs to the family of complex oxides.​


Two Holograms in One Surface

Nanoscale silicon posts can reflect light differently depending on the angle of incoming light