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Kavli News


A team of researchers at Kavli IPMU has announced the discovery of a galaxy that magnified a background, Type Ia supernova thirtyfold through gravitational lensing.


Inspired by mantis shrimp, researchers designed composite material stronger than the standard used in airplane frames.


A pair of supermassive black holes in orbit around one another have been discovered by Prof. Fukun Liu of the Department of Astronomy and the KIAA, and his colleagues. This is the first time such a pair have been found in an ordinary galaxy.


Researchers at the Kavli Institute for Systems Neuroscience at NTNU recently discovered the process behind the phenomenon of smells and memories.


KIPAC scientists are helping build a cutting-edge camera for the Cherenkov Telescope Array, an advanced, ground-based gamma-ray observatory.


The Kavli Foundation’s Board of Directors has announced the election of three new board members: Mary Sue Coleman, President of the University of Michigan; Richard A. Meserve, President of the Carnegie Institution for Science; and Gunnar K. Nilsen, President of BizArch Advisors.


Researchers at the Kavli Institute for Systems Neuroscience at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology are taking a closer look at border cells and their role in our sense of place.


Researchers today announced the first direct evidence supporting this theory, known as "cosmic inflation."


The National Academy of Engineering celebrated the life of Charles M. Vest.


Scientists debate whether such higher-order processes as consciousness and morality have their own real estate in the brain.