Astrophysics News


Gamma-ray Bursts May Last Longer than Previously Thought

Gamma-ray bursts are thought to last mere seconds or a few short minutes. But new data shows at least some of them have much more staying power.


Kavli Laureate Establishes Astronomy Fund

Kavli laureate Maarten Schmidt gave half of his $500,000 prize money to Caltech, establishing an endowed fund for innovative projects in astronomy.


Cosmologists Aim to Observe First Moments of Universe

South Pole Telescope team to search for gravity waves


Astronomers Gravitate Toward Einstein’s Telescope

Scientists are harnessing the cosmos as a scientific “instrument” in their quest to determine the makeup of the universe.


MIT Provides In-depth Look at Exploded Star

An MIT researcher and her colleagues have produced the first fully three-dimensional reconstruction of the remains of a star that exploded.


Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope Discovers Slew of New Pulsars

Four months into its mission, the Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope has discovered 12 never-before-seen pulsars and observed gamma-ray pulses from 18 others.


Study of galaxy clusters detects growth-stifling dark energy

A study of galaxy clusters independently confirms that the universe is expanding at an accelerating pace.


Dimmest Star-Like Objects Discovered

The two faintest star-like objects ever found have been spotted by a team led by MIT physicist Adam Burgasser.


Lights, Camera, Render: Visualizing the Universe

Within a red plume of hydrogen gas a brilliant white spot forms. The spot expands and quickly explodes into an orange and red cloud. 


President Bush Honors U.S. Recipients of the 2008 Kavli Prize

President George W. Bush and his Science Advisor, Dr. John Marburger honored the first U.S. recipients of the Kavli Prize.