Astrophysics News


Physicists Find Evidence of Cosmic Inflation

Researchers today announced the first direct evidence supporting this theory, known as "cosmic inflation."


With A Deadly Embrace, 'Spidery' Pulsars Consume Their Mates

A new study describes what are known as "Black Widow" pulsars, neutron stars that destroy their binary mate.


Top High-Energy Prize Awarded For 'Fermi Bubbles'

The 2014 Rossi Prize has been awarded to three researchers for their discovery in gamma rays of the large, unanticipated galactic structure now called the “Fermi bubbles.”


NASA Selects MIT-led TESS Project for 2017 Mission

An MIT-led team will be funded by a $200 million NASA grant, to launch the Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite (TESS).


President Obama Meets U.S. Laureates of 2012 Kavli Prizes

President Barack Obama met in the Oval Office the six U.S. recipients of the 2012 Kavli Prizes.


Planck Reveal an Almost Perfect Universe

ESA’s Planck space telescope released the most detailed map ever created of the cosmic microwave background.


‘Nuisance’ Data Lead to Surprising Star-Birth Discovery

So called ‘nuisance’ data lead to observations of some of the earliest star-forming galaxies in cosmic history.


Space Station to Host New Cosmic Ray Telescope

NASA has awarded $4.4 million to scientists to help build a telescope for deployment on the International Space Stationin 2017.


A Simple View Of Gravity Does Not Fully Explain The Distribution Of Stars In Crowded Clusters

To the surprise of scientists, a higher fraction of binary star systems are found at the outskirts of a young star cluster than in its center, despite the gravitational pull of the cluster’s core.


Proof: Cosmic Rays Come from Exploding Stars

A new study confirms what scientists have long suspected: Cosmic rays – energetic particles that pelt Earth from all directions – are born in the violent aftermath of supernovas, exploding stars throughout the galaxy.