Astrophysics News


Winners of the 2012 AAAS Kavli Science Journalism Awards Announced

Winning work appeared in The New York Times, The Seattle Times, Smithsonian Magazine, KQED QUEST and WGBH/NOVA and others.


A Burst of Activity in the Middle of the Milky Way

A team of scientists have detect the brightest flare ever observed from the black hole in the center of the Milky Way.


NASA'S Fermi Measures Cosmic 'Fog' Produced by Ancient Starlight

Astronomers using data from NASA's Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope have made the most accurate measurement of starlight in the universe.


Actor Alan Alda Visits SLAC to Discuss Communicating Science to the Public

Alan Alda visited SLAC as part of a two-day workshop on communicating science hosted by the Kavli Institute for Particle Physics and Astrophysics (KIPAC).


University of Tokyo Honors Kavli Foundation and Nissin with Shokumon Awards

The Kavli Foundation was presented the “Shokumon Award” by the University of Tokyo.


First Evidence that Yellow Supergiant Became Supernova

Researchers find evidence that the yellow supergiant star found at the location of supernova SN 2011dh was its progenitor.


Hubble Goes to the eXtreme to Assemble Farthest Ever View of the Universe

The Hubble Ultra Deep Field image of a small area of space in the constellation Fornax contains about 5,500 galaxies.


First Images from the Dark Energy Camera Help SLAC-Stanford Astrophysicists Seek the Invisible

When the Dark Energy Camera (DECam) opened its giant eye last week more than 120 members of the DES eagerly awaited the first snapshots. 


World’s Most Powerful Digital Camera Opens Eye, Records First Images In Hunt For Dark Energy

Scientists in the international Dark Energy Survey collaboration announced this week that the Dark Energy Camera has achieved first light.


First Stars, Galaxies Formed More Rapidly Than Expected

New data finds the period when the first stars and galaxies formed was shorter than theorists speculated — and that it ended early.