Astrophysics News


Dwarf Dark Galaxy Hidden in ALMA Gravitational Lens Image

Discovery paves the way for ALMA to find many more such objects and could help astronomers study the nature of dark matter.


Magnetar Could Have Boosted Explosion of Extremely Bright Supernova

Kavli IPMU model could help explain the evolution of stars in the Universe.


3 Questions: The origin of the cosmos’ heaviest elements

An ancient dwarf galaxy may hold the key to unlocking a 60-year-old chemical mystery.


Subaru Telescope Takes Snapshot of Fast Radio Burst Host Galaxy

Until now, no one could explain what fast radio bursts were or where they came from.


New Satellite with Superior X-ray Vision Launched

‘Hitomi’ spacecraft to enable unprecedented views of the violent universe


LIGO-India Gets Green Light

The project will expand the international network of gravitational wave detectors.


Scientists Make First Direct Detection of Gravitational Waves

LIGO signal reveals first observation of two massive black holes colliding, proves Einstein right.


South Pole's Next Generation of Discovery

UChicago, Argonne, and Fermilab collaborate on telescope's new ultra-sensitive camera


Stellar Parenting: Giant Star Clusters Make New Stars by 'Adopting' Stray Cosmic Gases

A new study reveals why globular clusters can be home to differently aged populations of stars


Galaxy Cluster Environment Not Dictated By Its Mass Alone

The connection between a galaxy cluster and surrounding dark matter is characterized by the mass of clusters and their formation history.