The 2010 Kavli Prize Lectures

2010 Kavli Laureates
The laureates gathered at The Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters. Second row from left: Roger Angel, Donald Eigler, Nadrian Seeman and Jerry Nelson. First row from left: James Rothman, Richard Scheller, Thomas Südhof and Ray Wilson. Photo: Knut Falch


Eight scientists whose discoveries have dramatically expanded human understanding in the fields of astrophysics, nanoscience and neuroscience received the 2010 Kavli Prize from H.M. King Harald at the award ceremony in Oslo, Norway on 7 September. The following day the Kavli Prize Laureates gave their prize lectures at the University of Oslo. Five of the lectures are now available in PDF format.  

Ray WilsonRay Wilson presenting his prize lecture in Astrophysics.

The Kavli Prize Lectures:

Ray Wilson
"From the classical passive reflecting telescope to the modern active ones"  (PDF)

Nadrian Seeman
"DNA: Not Merely the Secret of Life"  (PDF)

Thomas C. Sudhof
"How Calcium Triggers Neurotransmitter Release to Initiate Synaptic Transmission" (PDF)

Richard H. Scheller
"The Molecular Mechanism of Intracellular Membrane Fusion" (PDF)


James E. Rothman
"Discovery of the Principle of Membrane Fusion and Neurotransmitter Release" (PDF)