2008 Kavli Prize Media Kit

Listed are PDFs of Kavli Prize materials provided on this website. Click link to download.


Press Release

Names of Inaugural Kavli Prize Winners Revealed

Prize Citation, Biographies, Explanatory Notes


Astrophysics Citation

Astrophysics Biographies

Astrophysics Explanatory Notes


Nanoscience Citation

Nanoscience Biographies

Nanoscience Explanatory Notes


Neuroscience Citation

Neuroscience Biographies

Neuroscience Explanatory Notes

Photographs of Laureates

These photographs are available to the media.

Louis E. Brus (Credit: No credit)

Sten Grillner (Credit: Ulf Sirborn)

Sumio Iijima (Credit: NEC Cooperation)

Thomas Jessell (Credit: No credit)

Donald Lynden-Bell (Credit: Private photo)

Pasko Rakic (Credit: Michael Marsland, Yale University)

Maarten Schmidt (Credit: Californa Institute of Technology)

University Communications Offices

California Institute of Technology (Thomas Jessell, Maarten Schmidt)

Cambridge University (Donald Lynden-Bell)

Columbia University (Louis E. Brus)

Meijo University (Sumio Iijima)

Yale University (Pasko Rakic)

Karolinska Institute in Sweden (Sten Grillner)


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Announcement Media Contacts

Anne-Marie Astad

Norwegian Academy of Science & Letters

Mobile: 011-47-41-56-74-06

Work: 011-47-22-12-10-92

E-mail: anne.marie.astad@dnva.no

James Cohen

The Kavli Foundation

Mobile: 805-616-7988

Work: 805-278-7495